A picture is worth a thousand words


They say so, we believe so. That is the reason why we opened an account at http://pinterest.com/artingclub/ . There we can upload photos of our creations with a small description and you can look them, love them, repin them, share them.

For the moment there are three basic boards «Trees of life«, «Necklaces» and «Gift ideas«. In the future you will be able to find more boards following the categories of our website, with » wooden cases «, » new years lucky charm «, » bracelets » etc.

Pinterest profile is a great opportunity for the transition phase, as we are working on our new website (and our online shop but shhh its a secret), which will support also English language and most likely German language also.

So when you are a foreign visitor at our website and everything » looks Greek to you «, take a look at our handmade creations on pinterest and soon you will find here an international website 🙂

Of course we are here for you at info@artingclub.gr for any questions or inquires you may have and we will be very happy to answer your email.